Choffy is brewed chocolate. 100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground for a rich, full-flavored drink that delights your senses while it nourishes your body. Think of it as bliss in a cup.

Four Reasons to Love Choffy

Brewed Chocolate Bliss

1We take a craftsman’s approach making Choffy. We believe that it is our responsibility to make each variety of Choffy an amazing taste experience. As artisans, we make Choffy in small batches to maintain the greatest amount of control over the flavor and freshness in each bag.

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Cacao is Good for You

2Choffy is 100% premium cacao (cocoa beans). Cacao is referred to as a superfood for its fantastic health benefits! For example, there are more antioxidants in an 8oz. cup of Choffy than almost two servings of blueberries. How’s that for stamping out free-radicals! Learn more!


A Healthy Pick-Me-Up

3Choffy naturally contains a gentle yet long lasting stimulant called Theobromine. This healthy stimulant provides you with a energy lift by dilating the cardiovascular system, making the heart’s job easier and delivers energy without a crash or the other negative effects of caffeine.


Earn by Sharing

4The only thing better than enjoying a big cup of Choffy yourself, is to share a cup with others. Whether you simply want to buy Choffy at a discount, or have a full-time career on your terms, becoming a Choffy distributor definitely has its benefits! Join us now!

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