Choffy is brewed chocolate. 100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground for a rich, full-flavored drink that delights your senses while it nourishes your body. Think of it as bliss in a cup.

We Are Interesting

Jason Sherwood will be presenting “Does chocolate contain caffeine?” at Interesting Portland Thursday, April 8th at Norse Hall in Portland, OR.

The idea behind Interesting is simple: an evening of 20 interesting people each talking about something they love/hate/do/did/know/care about/obsess over.

We want to replicate the experience of clicking from one really good blog to another, ranging haphazardly across culture, sciences, arts, crafts, whatever.

But with the added benefit of direct contact in a relaxed, conversational setting. The only requirement is that each presentation be either 3 or 10 minutes long.

This time topics include:

* How to Pick Out Fruit
* A Contemporary Idea of Justice
* One Day Robert Duncan Went Insane
* Doughnut Eating Contest by Voodoo Doughnuts
* 1927: The Real Birth of Cool

The evening starts at 6pm with mingling and nattering at the bar. Speaker will kick off around 6:30 and will go to 9:30 (with a break in the middle to rest the brain and talk). More mingling and nattering will continue at the bar afterwards. Of course.

We are grateful to be invited to speak at the first such event in Portland, however Interesting has already been a big success all around the world, as evidenced the events held annually in London, NYC, Amsterdam and Sydney.

We will be sharing cups of Choffy throughout the night with all the attendees. Please come by and say hi. We look forward to seeing you there!

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